Why Should Your Commission Join The ACCW?

The Association of California Commissions for Women provides a voice for women of all races, creeds and economic status throughout the State of California.  As our membership grows, so too does our ability to improve the quality of life of our mothers, sisters and daughters.

So why should YOU join?

  1. ACCW works to ensure equality of rights and opportunities for all women within the state.
  2. ACCW empowers women.
  3. ACCW provides a unified voice for women’s issues.
  4. ACCW  seeks dynamic women interested in making a difference in their communities.
  5. ACCW needs YOU!

What are the Benefits of Membership in ACCW?

  • Collaborate with other Commissions on strategic planning
  • Network to achieve local Commission goals and pursue initiatives
  • Training
  • Leadership
  • Fund Development
  • Event Planning/Conventions
  • Learn the Budget Process
  • Acquire staff
  • Recruit Commissioners
  • Raise Awareness of Women’s Issues
  • Create a 501c3 to enable fundraising for your Commission

What is the Mission of the ACCW?

The Mission of ACCW is: to promote viability, strength, and effectiveness of member Commissions within the State of California.

What are the Goals of ACCW?

The goals are:  to ensure that Commissions exist in every County or City, and that they are fully funded, permanent, and independent Government entities that give California women a voice.

Application to Join

What is the Objective of the ACCW?

The objective is:  to develop a Statewide agenda on issues of concern to women within California and to ensure implementation of key policy and legislative changes that address these concerns and give California women the best quality of life possible.

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