Activating Woman! by Jenni Prisk

By ACCW Women on Jan 01, 2017 at 06:26 PM in Meeting Posts

Hello Everyone!

As I’ll be in NZ on January 21 and will miss the opportunity to march, I penned these lines:

Activating Woman!

It’s not about the shape of our parts,
It’s about the size of our hearts.
Its not about the swing in our hips,
It’s what we utter with our lips.
It’s not about the color of our eyes,
It’s what we see when we rise,
It’s not about the color of our skin,
It’s what we do with what’s within,.

Activating Woman, your time has come!
To uplift and inspire this great nation!
Put aside all doubts and fears,
Dry your eyes, and no more tears!
There’s work to do and it’s women’s work,
Activate! And never shirk!
We must speak out and use our voices
Otherwise, we’ll lose our choices
to be free, strong and motivated.
Rise up! Let’s get activated!